Stump Grinding in Sulphur

Stump grinding is a quick and easy solution for removing unwanted tree stumps from your property. Mccutcheon Tree Service’s certified arborists have years of experience in root and stump grinding, allowing you to refresh and reclaim your landscape. You can then feel free to plant another tree, set some new grass, or prepare for a new landscaping project. Whatever you decide to do, it all starts by picking up the phone and contacting our team.

Get in touch with us now at (337) 855-3459 to inquire about our reliable and affordable stump grinding services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Mccutcheon Tree Service’s Full-Service Stump Grinders

When it comes to dealing with stubborn tree stumps, we offer full removal from the roots up. Our team makes it look like the tree was never there, and we can provide additional services like mulching and tree planting as well. Just ask our team during your consultation, we’ll be happy to discuss additional services.

Our most sought-after tree stump grinding services include:

  • Tree assessment
  • Root grinding
  • Wood mulching
  • Stump removal
  • Grass patching
  • And much more

Professional Assessments by Tree Stump Grinders

If you want your tree stumps gone, we’ll start by scheduling an assessment at a time that works for you best. During this part of the process, we’ll pinpoint any problem areas and map out the work required. Then, we’ll determine a plan that suits your needs and budget.

When you choose us for the job, we guarantee quick response times and fast turnarounds. Plus, as your local sustainability advocates, you can be sure that we’ll repurpose the wood chips as mulch.

Don’t worry about renting any special equipment. Our arborists come prepared with the top-notch tools and materials for the job. Not sure where to start? Contact us now to have us walk you through the entire process. You’ll be amazed at the thoroughness and professionalism our team exudes on every project, big or small.

Thorough Stump Grinding Services

Are you looking to eliminate stumps and plant new trees? We can grind up to 20 inches below the surface so that you can plant a new tree in the exact same spot. Our experts take care to grind stumps all the way down to their roots and patch the soil so that you enjoy a fresh start.

With our stump grinding services, you can maintain the health of your lawn with ease. Don’t waste time pulling and digging your stump out of the ground. Our arborists use state-of-the-art stump grinders so that you can be sure there is nothing left behind.

Call the Tree Stump Grinders of Choice in Sulphur

No matter the size or density of the tree stump, Mccutcheon Tree Service can handle it. Our licensed arborists can eliminate all stump remnants in record time, making sure your land is stump-free without excess debris. We’re fast, dependable, and efficient, and we offer our services for competitive prices.

Do you need tree stump grinding and removal? We’re only ever a phone call away. Contact us now at (337) 855-3459 to get started.